Hasio specializes in businesses under $35 million in earnings, having a minimum of $2 million of EBITDA. In fact, those attractive growth possibilities within the smaller middle-market makes it worth the extra effort required to identify and obtain these small establishments, enabling us to add more value to the relationship. Recognizing a higher valuation upon sale.

Another vital component of Hasio’s strategy involves the inclusion of superior operating managers as executives and non-executives within its portfolio. These managers tend to have excellent reputations and successes in their industries and are well regarded by both their peers and industry followers.

The following industries are where we have developed experience and are focused:

  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Auto Parts
  • Plastics
  • Transportation/Distribution

Hasio has a strong and extensive experience in lower middle market transactions. The success in this market comes from being able to constructively assist with all facets of the business, including capital raising, corporate development, and operational efficiencies. Our general size criteria for this market includes:

  • EBITDA Minimum €2 million
  • Transaction range €12-20 million

Hasio’s primary focus is acquiring control positions in companies through leveraged transactions. The basic characteristics of those transactions include:

  • Standalone companies and business unit divestitures
  • Self-sourced and third party intermediates
  • Recapitalizations

From time to time, Hasio also participates in special situations, using either debt or equity securities to obtain a controlling position in a company and assist in correcting its balance sheet as well as its operations. The basics of these transactions include:

  • Balance sheet restructurings with debt or equity
  • Consensual and court processes

Company Criteria